Square Banana Who?

Square Banana Ltd. is a product design consultancy set up in 2005 to provide commercially powerful design solutions to all manner of business sectors.


Businesses need to deliver products that engage, excite and empathise with their customers. If they don’t they will struggle to survive. Huge established businesses that have existed for as long as we can remember – but have peddled the same formula year after year – are going the way of the mammoth. They are dying. And yet businesses with design at their very core are seeing growth unlike ever before.

We have helped a broad spectrum of businesses succeed in developing products that ‘fit’.

Medical. Industrial. Consumer. FMCG. Hi-tech. Military. Retail. Transport. Pharma.

You name it. We understand all aspects of product development and can deliver products that not only meet the most demanding specifications (aesthetically, ergonomically, functionally, financially) but that similarly fulfill the brand story and positively engage with the customer base. Products that deliver and delight throughout their entire lifespan. Delivering the tangible and intangible seamlessly.

Much of what we do is – by its very nature – confidential so we don’t get much of a chance to discuss our work openly at a time when we most need to. For this reason, we decided a blog might be a good way to indicate to the global community, what we are about…how our minds work and what strikes a chord in the Square Banana brain.

Designers tend to be opinionated folk and we are no exception.

This is our voice…

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